Is your creative passion about art – or your self worth?


There are the “unreasonable passions” we dive into because they simply bring us joy.

Crafting an entire village of felted wool mice, all wearing hats from different centuries. Putting together the perfect dance mix so you can go wild in the kitchen, alone. Collecting beautiful bathroom designs on Pinterest, so you can turn yours – however small and cramped – into a bright, uplifting spa.

Whatever cranks your tractor, once you try to take your passion public (especially if you try to “monetize” it), it’s all too easy to veer off course and into a ditch.

As humans, our pack mentality gives dogs a run for their money.

Stand out from the pack to be scrutinized and up bob your deepest fears and insecurities.

Then, your art – and your corresponding failure or success – becomes a measure of your self-worth – which paralyzes most of us.

When I am coping with a migraine (like now), the barrier between my deepest fears and my conscious mind becomes… leakier. My entire life is suddenly colored by pessimism. I struggle with permission to disconnect from plans and my to-do list. I forget why I’m excited about anything in my life.

It can be the same with creative pursuits. Instead of taking action, I try to out-think any and all future scenarios and lose touch with the thrill of creating.

How do YOU keep your unreasonable obsessions all about the joy? 

You don’t have to earn them.

They have nothing to do with your self-worth.

The world needs your happiness!

When you follow your creative passions, you give other people permission to enjoy theirs too.

(Photo credit: Ruta Augutaviciene)


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