The Back to School Wars

school bus

Well, it’s here - back to school time.  Most kids I know are back at school by now.  How did it go for your family?  I’ve noticed a trend for people around me in step families.  It seems that back to school time is a great time for parents to exert control.  Who is going to have … [Read more...]

When You Lose Your Stepkids

when you lose your stepkids pic

  I haven't lost a child to death. I would never compare my pain to that of someone who has. I have experienced pain in relation to my stepkids, though. I have suffered a loss. I have lost my children. To understand such an insurmountable loss, we have to rewind five years … [Read more...]

Chocolate Zucchini Loaf…


... Or, Why My Children Have Trust Issues As far as food-food goes, I have some picky eaters. The only actual food all four of our kids will eat is cucumber. Cucumber. That's it. However, when sweets are concerned they're a bit more indiscriminate. I like to bake for them so … [Read more...]

Decluttering to Favorites

Why declutter to Favorites? This is the basis for which you may have the most motivation, success and momentum at minimizing and simplifying your life. What does that mean? I was completely inspired by Janice McLeod's book, Paris Letters, and her goal to earn or save $100.00 a … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Basil


Fresh basil is a great addition to most any pasta dish, right before you serve it. It’s one of the three ingredients required to make the beautifully simple and delicious Margherita pizza and it’s one of the stars of the really popular caprese salad AND it’s also the traditional … [Read more...]

Husbands Aren’t Houses


You know how it goes, when you’re in the market for a new home. There are all sorts of decisions to made around budget, needs and wants. If we have a small budget, we need to make lots of compromises and will often choose a ‘fixer-upper’, with the idea that we can make that … [Read more...]



Ownership. Owning your feelings, owning your boundaries, owning your shit. I was talking to a friend recently and we were discussing how important ownership is to happiness. She brought up the concept of ownership, and I observed how I'd noticed that when people struggle to take … [Read more...]

A Year And A Day…

Wedding Ring Pictures 1[1]

My husband and I got married for a year and a day. After a year and a day, we decided we were ready to commit for another year and a day. Why you ask? It’s about making time to appreciate each other and our marriage, at least once a year. Both of us have been married … [Read more...]

It Takes a Village


A while ago I was introduced to the unique and wonderful concept of “crappy dinners”.  I read an article online about hosting one and it fascinated me - this idea of embracing our imperfections and just going with it.  The idea was that instead of feeling the need to have your … [Read more...]

Mushroom Alfredo


When I signed up to share my recipes with Mending the Nest, it didn't exactly occur to me that the "cooking" tab would be under the "health" tab. To me, cooking has always been about passion, and it's the only hobby I don't habitually abandon. Cooking is about comfort and … [Read more...]

Why We Walk


Raising children is no easy feat. Getting through life is hard and exhausting and tends to wear us all out from time to time. Yet, life is easy. You wake up day after day still alive. Still breathing, because you do that automatically. Still pumping blood to your brain and your … [Read more...]