Stepmoms, tired of feeling like your needs come last?

Divorced moms, feeling constantly undermined by the other house?

What bigger, better life is waiting for you?

I’ve got a 5-step plan to not only restore your sanity, but help you be even happier than before.

Most divorced mom and stepmom coaches and resources will agree with you on your worst problems.

But what if they’re missing a wider perspective that just might be the thing that helps you get somewhere?

I’m a divorced mom and stepmom and I’ve been on both sides: miserable and struggling — and now increasingly thriving and feeling like my best self.

I can help you get there too.

This book (and Jennifer) have helped me hugely even though my relationship with the birth mom is no better.” – K.S.F.

My 5-step plan will show you how to:

  1. notice the warning signs
  2. discharge negativity
  3. assess your deeper needs
  4. redistribute your energy
  5. expand into your bigger life

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of things going wrong in your stepfamily or single parent family? Feeling like you don’t even recognize yourself anymore?

Let’s get you back on track! Never underestimate the power of a compassionate witness and adding more emotional management tools to your toolbelt. I’ve been where you are. And I feel sure that, together, we can brainstorm your way out of this biggest stressors and put you back in touch with your own inner wisdom, strength and dreams for a happier life.

Solve-Your-Problems Power Sessions

Choose from:

• One 60-minute session for $97.00

• Three 60-minute sessions for $247.00

• Five 60-minute sessions for $407.00

One-on-one coaching

I found that I am not alone. It may seem like it, but there are so many other women and families like mine that it’s almost scary. Having a divorced mom as the coach in all of this was a huge help. And having someone that can see things from the stepmom’s side (after working through things with Carol) helped as well. Talking to someone that has been able to make it work makes you think that it just might be possible to be okay again…” – C. W.

Jen, you saved my life. You helped me to understand where the birth mom was coming from. I never would have handled our conflict the way I did without your guidance.

I learned a number of things: That I am NOT CRAZY! My feelings, fears and reactions are completely normal. I am not a bad person. I did not “do” anything to the mom, she acts the way she does because of the emotional attachment to her children. I don’t have to love my step children. (I needed my partner to hear that one from someone other than me!) It’s hard being a stepmom. Very, very hard. My family, friends and coworkers don’t get it and just feed the fires of conflict. I needed to make time to take care of me. Otherwise I will continue to feel used, taken advantage of and insignificant.

Nothing is perfect, but we are certainly in a calmer, healthier place today and hopefully on our way to a brighter future for our stepfamily.” – Corrine W.

It is a huge benefit being able to talk to someone that has lived through similar experiences that other divorced moms and stepmoms live through.” -A. F.

I thought I had a pretty good grip on my situation already, but what was most beneficial to me was talking about boundaries. I guess I didn’t realize how important they were or how they could work to my benefit. You asked questions that led me to answers. I’d definitely recommend you and your courses to others.” -J. R.