Laying Down My Sword


"I'm a lover, not a fighter, but I'll fight for what I love." That's been my mantra most of my life. I fought to get out of a difficult childhood. I fought friendly fire in a male-dominated military. I fought for my marriage when it was breaking down, and when my husband was … [Read more...]

Raising Kids – Village Style


It takes a village to raise a child… Parenting in modern day society has challenged the idea of village style parenting. From the day you announce your pregnancy to the world, people feel entitled to voice their opinions and their way of doing things with your kids. This type … [Read more...]

Why I Want My Kids To Like Their Stepmother


And why I want my ex-husband to be happy... I remember when my ex-husband got in to his first serious relationship about 6 months after we split. I was shocked when friends asked me if I was upset about it or angry. I had left him, he deserved to be happy. A big part of why I … [Read more...]

Food Wars – Stepfamily Style

sad boy

Mothering is a deeply personal role, a role that centres around our sense of self and our ability to care for our loved ones. Mothering is about our values, what we see as important in the world, what we wish to instill in our children as their value sets. Often it’s a … [Read more...]

Guest Post: What Makes a Bitch?


It’s easy to dismiss a stepmom or divorced mom we are in conflict with as simply being a ‘bitch.’ In one simple word, we can shift all of the blame and responsibility for the conflict situation on to them – because they are the one at fault, they are the bitch. The irony … [Read more...]