Why I Want My Kids To Like Their Stepmother


And why I want my ex-husband to be happy... I remember when my ex-husband got in to his first serious relationship about 6 months after we split. I was shocked when friends asked me if I was upset about it or angry. I had left him, he deserved to be happy. A big part of why I … [Read more...]

When Stepfamily Becomes Family


This past weekend was our son’s 21st birthday. All he wanted was for his family to go out to dinner to a restaurant together. A simple thing to ask, until you add in the complex dynamics of a family fractured by divorce. He is a kind and considerate young man and asked … [Read more...]

Broken Again

Broken Again Beth

Over and over We play the same scenes How many days together? How many days apart? When do we leave? When do we come back? Will we hear from them? Will they call? We miss them so, but we have to share. Always the short end of the stick. So much to be … [Read more...]

For The Love of Books

Beth Books 1

You don’t walk into a marriage with kids and love the kids automatically. Yes, I know the mythology of step parenting says that a good step mom will immediately love her husband’s children but like most myths that is just not the case. Relationships must be built first with … [Read more...]

Food Wars – Stepfamily Style

sad boy

Mothering is a deeply personal role, a role that centres around our sense of self and our ability to care for our loved ones. Mothering is about our values, what we see as important in the world, what we wish to instill in our children as their value sets. Often it’s a … [Read more...]

The Back to School Wars

school bus

Well, it’s here - back to school time.  Most kids I know are back at school by now.  How did it go for your family?  I’ve noticed a trend for people around me in step families.  It seems that back to school time is a great time for parents to exert control.  Who is going to have … [Read more...]

Which boat are you in?


Many of you come to this site because you’re looking for information that might give you an advantage with your difficult mom/stepmom relationship. You want something extra to help you create a shift. Movement in the right direction. A breakthrough out of nowhere. You’re the … [Read more...]