The right names for the right meaning…

I just discovered the blog of a dear friend, Joel — one of my favorite people to climb with. I had no idea he was such a talented, closet scribbler!

Here's a link to a thought-provoking post about how the names we have for each other in these newfangled family relationships don't really do justice to what's in our hearts. An excerpt:

So first word we need is step-father who is like a father, but conveys
the lack of shared genes. I'm going to throw "step-up father" out there
for consideration.

Then we need one for a father whose role in raising the child ended at conception. I'm going to throw out "DNA Dad".

What about all the stepmoms out there who fiercely love their stepkids? What about the mother who can't be assumed to have that stereotypical, unconditional maternal devotion? What about all the "hands-off" dads?

Food for thought….

Click here to read the rest of "Family is complicated, family language doubly so."

Hope everyone had a peaceful, happy Christmas! I'm doing my v-e-r-y  l-a-s-t edit of the book at the moment, but planning on posting MUCH more regularly. Short and sweet (or short and fiery) it will be!

As always, comments are welcome (and if you're comment is extra-juicy, maybe we can turn it into a post… :-).

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  1. says

    Glad you liked the post. And hoped you liked a few of the others as well. Mostly I write it for myself, but occasionally Sarah reads it or somebody stumbles across it.
    Will have to add hands-off dad to the list.

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