Who’s minding your mind?


Peggy Nolan wrote a great post over at The Step Mom’s Toolbox that I’d like to point you to, called “Changing the Evil Stepmother Myth.”

And it’s not just for stepmoms either, although I realize you do seem to make up the majority of our audience. Moms would do well to think about this stuff too, because the article is all about how we just blindly operate from some assumptions that we’ve picked up from our environment and culture and are thoughtlessly playing them out, without realizing it.

But the truths are lies! And there’s where things start to go wrong….

An excerpt:

  1. The Wicked Evil Stepmother Myth is programmed into our subconscious mind.
  2. We’ve acquired most of the Wicked Evil Stepmother perception from teachers (parents, other adults, media, Disney, Fairytales, etc).
  3. We’ve accepted their perceptions as truth and now those acquired perceptions are hardwired in our brains, which are now our truths.
  4. The perception of the Wicked Evil Stepmother is inaccurate.
  5. This programmed misconception, which resides in our subconscious mind and is not monitored, is habitually engaging us in inappropriate and limiting behaviors.

Just like not all stepmoms are wicked and evil, not all bio-moms are crazy, self-absorbed, wing-nuts. 

Think about it, if you believe the bio-mom in your life is engaged in inappropriate and limiting belief behaviors – so are you.  And so am I.



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    Can’t wait to hear about the stepmom who is making progress with the mom. I’ll take any chance I get to live vicariously through a stepmom who’s making progress! :)

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